July 12, 2023

Developing a Growth Mindset

Unleash your potential with a growth mindset. Debunk the myth of fixed intelligence and rekindle your capacity for lifelong learning. The key to success lies in constant evolution.

I’m an advocate for lifelong learning. There’s an idea among many adults that our intelligence and knowledge plateau at some point. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as demonstrated by the most successful business owners who embody a growth mindset.

Just because you’re not great at something at the moment doesn’t signify a permanent inability. We sometimes mistakenly assume that if we’re not brilliant at a particular task by, say, age 30, we are simply not cut out for it. Yet we forget that as children, we started life unable to walk or talk, yet we mastered these skills. Our brains have an astonishing capacity for growth and information retention; we merely need to feed that capacity with new learning.

Fostering a growth mindset begins with constructive self-talk. Instead of lamenting, “I’m not very good at that,” shift the narrative and tell yourself, “I’m not very good at that yet.”

Consider some other growth mindset language modifications:

In times of adversity:

Setbacks, in the scope of a fixed mindset, often translate to failure. Contrastingly, a growth mindset perceives setbacks as an opportunity to learn invaluable lessons. A means of refining ones approach. You may have heard me say that mistakes are the tuition fees of experience. Think of how many times a child stumbles when learning to walk. They don’t give up; they dust themselves off and try again.

In the face of challenges:

When faced with a formidable task, it’s tempting to adopt a fixed mindset and forfeit. Yet, growing and getting better is hard. Take going to the gym as an example—it never gets any easier, as the aim is constant self-improvement. You increase the weights, you increase the distance. This continuous striving is the path to greater fitness. The same principle applies in business—you have to consistently propel forward and venture outside of your comfort zone to evolve and grow.

Celebrate others’ achievements:

A fixed mindset often breeds jealousy when confronted with others’ success. But remember, extinguishing someone else’s candles won’t make yours shine any brighter. Rejoice in others’ achievements. Draw inspiration from their success, as this will fuel your own growth too.